18 August 2017

Opening Ceremony of the LvivMozArt festival

Opening-concert of the Lviv MozArt festival took place on August 18th, 2017 in Lviv Opera House. Life story and artistic legacy of Franz Xaver Mozart, or the so-called “Lviv Mozart”, which for a long time was known only in narrow music circles, finally received much deserved attention of Lvivians. A proof of this is a fully booked Hall of Lviv Opera House at the opening of the festival. Listeners had a chance (basically for the first time in two centuries!) to listen to live performance of pieces by Franz Xaver Mozart, in particular “Variations for piano with orchestra” and “Cantata “First Spring Day”, as well as a composition by his father – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, famous Symphony No.40 G minor. Soloists were: a winner of multiple international competitions, a soloist of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine in Kyiv – Antoniy Baryshevskyi (piano), a Romanian opera singer, now a soloist at the Hamburg Opera House - Iulia Maria Dan (soprano), a soloist at the Vienna Opera House - Zoryana Kushpler (mezzo-soprano), a soloist at the Lviv Opera Theater - Mykhailo Malafii (tenor) and a Ukrainian singer, who is continuing his career on stages of Germany - Ihor Tsarkov (bass). Together with the soloists the music by the father and the son was performed by Lviv music groups - Lviv State Academic Male Choir “Dudaryk” and "INSO-Lviv" Academic Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Oksana Lyniv. Born and raised in Ukraine, chief conductor of opera and philharmonic orchestra in Graz – Oksana Lyniv is an art director and founder of the LvivMozArt festival. It is due to her efforts that Lviv hosted a large-scale festival of classical music, dedicated to Franz Xaver Mozart, who had been living, creating, and changing Lviv two centuries ago.  

Stefaniya Oliynyk

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