19 August 2017

Splinters of the Baroque

Saturday evening (August 19th) in the Dominican Church became a place of transformations and premiers during the LvivMozArt festival. Baroque Chapel Orchestra of the Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy together with their director Anna Ivanyushenko became a strong backbone for Viktor Andriychenko, Stanislav Tsema and Konstantin Derri – countertenors who, impressing the world, that evening also impressed Lvivians with their performance of famous arias and duets from operas by Vivaldi, Hendel, Porpor, Bach, Percell, and W.A.Mozart.

Specifically for the festival, Lviv composer Bohdana Frolyak wrote a composition “Ave Maria” for three countertenors, strings and two glass harmonicas.

Also, during the concert listeners could enjoy Zoltan Almashi’s "From the Green Thoughts of One Fox", in which Viktor Andriichenko performed the vocal part as well as the violin solo in the second part. Bohdan Sehin’s "Orpheus Song" was also presented at the concert – it is a piece written for a theatrical play “Greek methodology – interpretation” with the Maska theater (Poland).

The highlight of the concert was a performance by Sascha Reckert and Sinfonia di vetro ensemble, created by him. The musician remains nowadays the only manufacturer and inventor of all kinds of glass instruments, who is trying to extend the limits of glass music. Owing to him, at the concert listeners could experience Mozart’s compositions, written to be performed on glass harmonicas.

The concert was conducted by Marharyta Hrynyvetska-Kholmatova in the first part, and by the founder of the festival Oksana Lyniv in the second part.

Petro Zherukha

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