21 August 2017


In 1826, on the 35th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s death, his son Franz Xaver conducted one of the most famous compositions, created by his father – “Requiem”. The memorable concert took place in St. George Cathedral, and the composition was performed by members of the society of Saint Cecilia, the first in Lviv musical society, founded by Mozart-son.

191 years after… Concert “The son in memory of his great father” takes place within the same walls of the Cathedral, Mozart’s “Requiem” is performed, and a conductor Oksana Lyniv perhaps is standing on the same spot, where two centuries ago Franz Xaver Mozart was standing. The listeners were impressed by such historical context and brilliant performance!

Soloists were Ukrainian opera stars: Sofia Soloviy (soprano), Zoryana Kushpler (mezzo-soprano), Mykhaylo Malafiy (tenor), Ihor Tsarkov (bass), and INSO-Lviv Academic Symphony Orchestra, Galician Academic Chamber Choir, the Chamber Choir "Gloria".

At the concert, except “Requiem”, listeners could hear the Cantata in commemoration of W.A. Mozart’s monument unveiling in Salzburg in 1842, written specifically for that occasion by Franz Xaver Mozart. During the concert reviews and memories of contemporaries about those historic music events were read aloud in two languages – German and Ukrainian (excerpts were read by Vitaliy Aleksiayonak and Stefaniya Oliinyk).

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