Zhanna Marchinska



ZHANNA MARCHINSKA was born in Kyiv in 1990. From 1998-2003, Zhanna studied piano at Children’s Music School №1 named after Stepovyi. Zhanna studied cello in the school-studio of the National Musical Academy of Ukraine (prof. Elena Chervova) and took private lessons on playing bass guitar with jazz guitarist Kontasintin Ionenko. Since 2014, she took part at all productions of Nova Opera: improvisational opera Coriolanus, opera-requiem IYOV, overnight opera The UnSimple, and opera-circus BABYLON, opera-ballet ARK, horror-opera Hamlet, funk-opera AIR, futuristic opera AEROPHONIA. In 2019 Zhanna took part at the premieres of grand-opera NERO and opera-dystopia GAZ. In addition, Zhanna is a member of contemporary music ensembles Sonor Continuus and Sed Contra which regularly performs at Pechersk New Drama Theatre and contemporary music festivals.


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