Vivi Vassileva


Vivi Vassileva, a winner of numerous international contests, is considered to be one of the most distinguished soloists-percussionists in the world. The initial impetus towards her promising future was the ‘lesson’ given on the coast of the small Bulgarian town, where she heard a local musician and free, temperamental Bulgarian rhythms captured her imagination. In 2004, Claudio Estay gave Vivi her first professional lessons. Afterwards, she was conquering the world of music taking confident steps forward. At the age of 13, Vivi won the first prize at ‘Jugend Musizient’ contest and became the youngest participant of the youth orchestra. At the age of 15, Vivi, together with the Bavarian Radio Orchestra, presented her first compact disс, whereas at 16 she became the youngest student in the class of Dr. Peter Saldo, a famous professor. After that Vivi won marimba competitions in Paris and Nuremberg. During the 63rd ARD Competition, which is one of the most prestigious in the world, the young percussionist received two special prizes for outstanding achievements as the youngest semifinalist. In search for a new sound, Vivi has opened up the endless range of possibilities for percussion instruments, resulting in the novel world of her own compositions.

In 2016, Vivi was touring with the Youth Orchestra of Bavaria and received the Kulturkreis Gasteig Prize with her own compositions. It should be also noted that the young composer improvised all the music to Petra Katharina Wagner’s film ‘Viel zu nah’.

After obtaining her BA degree, Vivi is doing her MA degree course in the class of Prof. Raymond Curfs (Munich). In autumn 2017, Vivi Vassileva received the honored artist award ‘The Musician of the Year’ in Bavaria.

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