Sascha Reckert

glass harmonica, verrophon

Sascha Reckert is a German glass musician, manufacturer of glass music instruments, and director of the Sinfonia di vetro ensemble.
The unparalleled tone quality of a glass harmonica inspired such composers as W.A.Mozart, L. van Beethoven, R.Strauss, and C. Saint-Saens to write pieces specifically for it, while G.Donizetti used this instrument in the original opera score ˮLucia di Lammermoorˮ in the famous mad scene. Sascha Reckert together with well-known opera singers like Natalie Dessay, Anna Netrebko and Diana Damrau have performed this opera around the world many times, preserving the original idea of the composer.
At the LvivMozArt festival, Sascha Reckert will perform with his Sinfonia di vetro ensemble, which specializes at playing glass instruments.

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