Ruslan Kirsh


Ruslan was born in Kyiv in 1985. Ruslan studied conducting at Kyiv Secondary Specialized Music School. In 2007, he received a Master’s degree in Choral Conducting from the National Music Academy of Ukraine. Since 2011, Ruslan has worked at the National Operetta of Ukraine. Since 2014, Ruslan has performed as a soloist in several productions with Nova Opera: improvisational opera Coriolanus, opera-requiem IYOV, overnight opera The UnSimple, opera-circus BABYLON, opera-ballet ARK, funk-opera AIR, futuristic opera AEROPHONIA. Since 2016 Ruslan has been a member of the vocal ensemble of modern music «Alter Ratio». Took part at productions of several contemporary operas: «A celebration Service» (Meredith Monk), «Dorian's Fate» (Karmella Tsepkolenko), «Winged Passion» (Vsevolod Sirenko), «The Little Match Girl Passion» (David Lang). In 2019 Ruslan took part at the premieres of grand-opera NERO and opera-dystopia GAZ.

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