Baroque Chapel Orchestra of the Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy


Art director – Anna Ivaniushenko.

Founded in 2014, the orchestra participated in the Festival of the Ancient Music, the “Virtuosos” International Festival of Music Art, the “Contrasts” International Festival of Contemporary Music, “Academis” (Lviv), the “4 Clavecins” project together with the soloists S. Shabaltina, N. Fomenko, N. Sikorska, and O. Shadrina-Lychak; and in the performance of the Josèf Elsner’s opera “Amazons”.

The orchestra has collaborated with many famous musicians – M. Toporovskyi (harpsichord, organ), R. Kamieniarz (baroque violin), O. Pilchen (baroque violin), B. Franklin (viola da gamba), director of the “Pocket symphony” orchestra N. Kozhukhar, I.Korol (violin, viola, conductor), A.Kossenko (flute, conductor).

The repertory of the orchestra includes pieces of baroque composers that are rarely performed – works of Bononcini, Graun, Emanuele Rincon d' Astorga, Avison, Evaristo Dall'Abaco, and others.

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