The ˮDudarykˮ Lviv State Academic Male Choir


The choir is a winner of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine. Dmytro Katsal is the art director and conductor.

The ˮDudarykˮ mail choir was established in 1971 by Mykola Katsal, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine. Later, on the basis of the choir, the first choir school in Ukraine was founded.

The repertoire of the choral chapel includes works by Ukrainian composers such as D. Bortnianskyi, A. Vedel, M. Berezovskyi, M. Lysenko, M. Leontovych, and K. Stetsenko; as well as masterpieces of the world classics, such as works by Pergolesi, Mozart, Beethoven, Orff, Bernstein etc. The choral chapel has recorded a number of CDs, radio and TV programmes.

For over 47 years of its activity, the choral chapel has performed in 20 countries of the world on most famous stages of Europe, the USA and Canada, including the Carnegie Hall, Notre-Dame de Paris, Vancouver Air Place, numerous Opera Theatres and Philharmonic Societies.

The overall aim of the choral chapel is to set up the National Youth Centre of Choral Art on its basis.

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