“Lviv Virtuosos” Academic Chamber Orchestra


The ˮLviv Virtuososˮ Chamber Orchestra was established in 1994. The founder and the art director of the orchestra is a People’s Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Burko. A concertmaster is a Distinguished Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Duda.
Since its foundation, the orchestra had performed over a thousand concerts. It successfully performed not just in different parts of Ukraine, but also in many countries of Europe and America. The orchestra initiated many art projects and charity concerts, such as ˮTalents of the Third Millenniumˮ, ˮMusic Dynasties of Ukraineˮ, ˮGuarneri and Stradivari Violins in Lvivˮ, ˮNew Music in Ukraineˮ, ˮWhere Music Livesˮ, etc.
The ˮLviv Virtuososˮ Academic  Chamber Orchestra recorded over 25 CDs.

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