Galician Academic Chamber Choir


The Galician Academic Chamber Choir was established in 2003, director – People’s Artist of Ukraine Vasyl Yatsyniak.
The concert programs of the choir included the works by J.S. Bach, L. van Beethoven, W.A. Mozart, J. Haydn, G. Verdi, M. Lysenko, M. Skoryk, L. Dychko. The basis of the repertoire of the Galician Academic Chamber Choir consists of religious musical works by such Ukrainian composers as A. Vedel, D. Bortnianskyi, M. Verbytskyi, S. Ludkevych, O. Kozarenko, Ye. Stankovych. The choir performed with such prominent soloists as Stepan Pyatnychko and Nina Matviyenko.
The Galician Chamber Choir tours throughout many European countries; it is an award winner of the D. Sichynskyi Ukrainian Competition, the ˮHajnówkaˮ International Festival (Poland), and ˮPolyphonicaˮ (Italy).

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