Anna Kirsh



ANNA KIRSH  was born in Kyiv in 1985. Hanna studied violin at the children’s art school N№4 from 1993-2000. In 2006, she received a diploma from the Glier Institute of Music in the field of musical art (vocal teacher, artist of choir and ensemble). Since 2006, Hanna has worked in the National Operetta of Ukraine. From 2007-2012, she studied at the National Music Academy of Ukraine (department of operetta). Since 2014, Hanna has been a soloist in several productions with Nova Opera: improvisational opera Coriolanus, opera-requiem IYOV, overnight opera The UnSimple, opera-circus BABYLON, opera-ballet ARK, funk-opera AIR, futuristic opera AEROPHONIA. Anna was a soloist at the premiere of «Winged Passion» by Vsevolod Sirenko. In 2019 she took part at the premieres of grand-opera NERO and opera-dystopia GAZ.


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