Photo: Ксеня Лім

Andriy Dragan


Andriy is a winner of various piano and chamber music international competitions. He was awarded the Silver medal of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine.

He has studied at the Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy in the class of Lidia Krykh and at the Music Academy in Basel (Switzerland) under the guidance of Prof. Adrian Oetiker.

He is performing in European countries, in the USA, and Japan. Andriy is a participant of numerous international festivals such as ˮVerbier Festivalˮ, ˮLes Museiquesˮ, ˮMenuhin-Festival Gstaadˮ (Switzerland),  ˮLa Roque d’Antheronˮ, ˮPiano Campusˮ (France), ˮVirtuososˮ, ˮContrastsˮ (Lviv, Ukraine). His and concert venues include KKL Luzern, Tonhalle in Zurich, The Lucerne Theatre, the Lviv Philharmonic etc.

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