Andrii Nadolskyi



ANDRII NADOLSKYI was born in Lviv region in 1963. Andrii received his musical education at Lviv State Musical College. After that, he worked at the Philharmonics of Rivne, Lipetsk and Batumi. Throughout his career, he played in well-known collectives such as alternative rock/ indie/post-punk band The Sounds of Mu, Megapolis, Ukrainian rock bands Aesthetic Education, PianoBoy, Plach Yeremiyi and others. Since 2014, Andrii took part at all productions of Nova Opera: improvisational opera Coriolanus, opera-requiem IYOV, overnight opera The UnSimple, and opera-circus BABYLON, opera-ballet ARK, horror-opera Hamlet, funk-opera AIR, futuristic opera AEROPHONIA. In 2019 Andrii took part at the premieres of grand-opera NERO and opera-dystopia GAZ.


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