Supported by

Lviv City Council

Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg


Lviv National Music Academy named after Mykola Lysenko

Lviv National Art Gallery named after Borys Voznytskyi

Lviv Historical Museum

The Lviv National Vasyl Stefanyk Scientific Library of Ukraine

General Partner

Avalon Inc.

Avalon Inc. is a leading Ukrainian investment and development company dealing with the development of top quality real estate objects. The company’s objects are favourably distinguished by their expressive architecture, innovative technologies, as well as convenience and comfort of planning. Ambitious and futuristic projects of the company have received both national and European recognition by winning the most prestigious awards. To encourage the youth, the company has repeatedly supported the iconic cultural and educational events. Thus Avalon Inc. has joined LvivMozArt Festival, an important event in Lviv  events calendar, which will go down in the history of music not only in Ukraine but also worldwide. The company is proud to be associated with the projects, which combine traditional with modern, and enhance the development of our city.

Automotive partner


Audi is an automobile manufacturer combining an exquisite style with advanced technologies.

The company's considerable success may be attributed to its creativity, devotion to its ideals, enthusiasm, and desire to satisfy demand from consumers. We are seeking to be in the avant-garde of innovations, establishing rising standards and striving for technical perfection.

There is a time-honoured and beneficial connection between Audi and classical music, even the brand name is translated as 'listen' from Latin. Audi is deeply honoured to be an automotive partner of LvivMozArt and participate in creating the novel music history of Ukraine.


Gold Partner


Khema is a company which performs performs various analyses, including the development and production of reagents for laboratories specializing in medical and veterinarian diagnostics as well as agricultural produce and food control. The company is celebrating ten years of successful work in Ukraine.

Silver Partners

Vintage Boutique Hotel

Feels like Home!


Always a step ahead!



For true professionals in dentistry!

Кumpel Group


Creative marketing

Crimean Pastry

The home bakery 'Crimean Pastry' was opened in Sykhiv,the largest (so-called sleeping) residential district in Lviv, in December 2015.I t was started up by the family who had moved from the Crimea,the territory of which was annexed by Russia in 2014.

Oksana Novikova,Mykola Holovko and Svitlana Lopatina have decided to recreate a tiny part of their Crimea not only for themselves,but also for local residents. 
Daily,the bakery is filled with the lovely scent of freshly baked pastry,as well as with a loud babble of chidren's voices coming from the most favoured and loyal customers.

You can try there both authentic Crimean bakery and products of their own constant experimental results.

Furthuremore,'Crimean Pastry' is an active participant in various social and charitable projects.




Supporting the participation of Ukrainian musicians in international music competitions


Leopolis Hotel

Luxury in the very heart of Lviv

Hotel Citadel Inn

Luxury hotel in the very heart of historical Lviv

Hotel Ibis Styles

Your stylish hotel in the Heart of Lviv


Zenko Foundation

An aspiring art institution with the main goal to support and promote Ukrainian contemporary art

Law partner

Advice Group

Legal service, audit and consulting

General media-partners

TV Channel "24"

The first 24/7 News TV channel of Ukraine

Informational and analytical Internet edition


LVIV.UA Magazine

Socio-political online media


The most complete calendar of events in Lviv

Lviv Today

Western Ukraine's English language magazine

Media Hub "Tvoie Misto"

Ukrayinskiy Tyzhden

An independent analytical weekly