14 September 2017

Youth Symphony Orchestra from Ukraine and Bundesjugendorchester (Federal Youth Orchestra) from Bonn, Germany

Having achieved spectacular success in Lviv and Kyiv, Ukrainian youth symphony orchestra together with Bundesjugendorchester continued their performances on tour in Germany. On 14 September 2017, they gave one of the most impressive performances at Beethoven music festival held in the home town of Ludwig van Beethoven. Under the leadership of Oksana Lyniv, Ukrainian and German young musicians played the compositions included in their previous concert repertoires: Franz Xaver Mozart’s Overture; Borys Lyatoshynsky’s symphonic poem “On the Banks of the Vistula”; and Ludwig van Beethoven’s Triple Concerto for including brief interviews with its members, soloists and Oksana Lyniv, the conductor. Afterwards, the joint orchestra played its favourite pieces such as Borys Lyatoshynsky’s symphonic poem “On the Banks of the Vistula” and Ludwig van Beethoven’s Triple Concerto for violin, cello and piano with the Beethoven orchestra and immutable soloists – Tobias Feldmann (violin), Konstantin Manayev (cello), and Kateryna Titova (piano).

Although the joint project between Ukrainian and German youth orchestras has been completed, is it still possible for Ukrainian young musicians to perform and broaden their experience together with their foreign counterparts here and abroad Oksana Lyniv has assured us that she would do her best to ensure the development of the Ukrainian youth symphony orchestra, “The project has revealed that we are no worse than the most qualified German youth orchestra. We should help our young people to unite, make the most of their talents, demonstrate them and be recognized throughout the world”.

Stefaniya Oliynyk


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