Dear journalists, photographers, bloggers, we are glad to welcome you on our LvivMozArt Festival’s accreditation page. Accreditation requirements and rules for participation in the festival are detailed down below. We invite you to carefully read them.

Application deadline is August 25st 2021.


The amount of accreditations per publisher:

Television production

– a crew of up to 5 people

Online media

– one correspondent

Printed media

– one correspondent

Radio stations

– one correspondent

Bloggers, photo correspondents and independent photographers

Would have to obtain accreditation individually.

Accreditation rules:

  • Preliminary accreditation will allow journalists to cover the events of the LvivMozArt festival. Entrance to the event will be available with badges or tickets.
  • The main condition for accreditation is the publication of at least two materials about the festival: one mandatory announcement and author's material about the LvivMozArt festival in your media. Additionally prepared materials will be an advantage.
  • Accommodation, meals, transfers' costs, etc. for editorial staff are being covered by the media they represent or at his\her own expense.
  • After successful accreditation, the person\media who undergone online application form, will receive a confirmation via e-mail after mentioned above deadline date.
  • We will maintain transfer of badges to media representatives\individuals a day before festival will start. A badge is the property of an accredited journalist and is not a subject of transfer to the third parties. You must have a proof of identity (passport, ID, driver's license, student card) and an editorial certificate\license. Bloggers and independent photo correspondents will receive a badge or ticket, which allows them to attend events of the festival, individually.