LvivMozArt Friends is a circle of the Festival’s patrons and fellow-adherents, who are eager to creative Lviv novel history of music together.

LvivMozArt has united Lviv artistic and business circles within the common project.

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The Dobryanski Family
The Drin Family
The Bavorovsky Family
The Pavliv Family
The Kosariev Family
The Hudzovaty Family
Symphony Solutions
- an international IT company with the headquarters in Amsterdam. We are connected to music through our name as well as our approach. We don’t manage projects, we conduct them. Just like a symphony orchestra can win hearts with a passionate performance, we make a difference with the passion we put to our work every day.
The Zablotski Family
The Drohomyretski Family
The Nykulyshyn Family
Oksana and Bohdan Kozak
- the founders of the "Rukavychka" chain shops
The Pozdnyakov Family
Sibylle-Robert-Walter Stiftung
The Liubinets Family
The Uhryn Family
The Kupovych Family
The Ionov Family
Radomir and Wanda Obukhanich
Khrystyna Khranovych
Harold Binder
Oksana Novikova
- the founder of the "Krymska perepichka"
Yuriy Blashchak
- independent director of "Ukragazbank"
Vladimir Lempert
- is the founder of Spetztekhosnastka, the Ukrainian company, which, for thirty years of its existence, has developed from a microbusiness into the renowned manufacturer of molds, plastic parts for Western European automakers, and modern plastic packaging thanks to the talents of people working in it. The company’s motto - "Your Trusted Partner" - means the power to offer highest quality and absolute punctuality, as well as the ability to solve problems of any complexity
The Lviv Club - the circle of philosophers who love Lviv