Wednesday 25 August
An exhibition “Lviv and Mozart : from the history to the present“

In the exhibition “Lviv and Mozart: from the history to the present” you have a chance to see unique archival lost and found items, lithographs and Mozart's son time printed music.

The printed music samples include the pieces which were used by Mozart himself and also the works of modern art inspired by the Franz Xaver Mozart figure. This is the first exhibition at LvivMozArt festival that is based on archive materials. It reflects Mozart’s Junior stay in Lviv and his musical output in Galicia. “Franz Xaver Mozart –letters, documents, travel diary, reminisces of contemporaries” has extensively deepened the research of the issue. Some exhibits of the exhibition’s historical part are vivid illustrations and addition to the publication's part that describes Mozart's stay in Lviv.

The particular blocks are dedicated to Lviv during Mozart’s residential time there. They mostly cover the locations which are connected with his life and creative work. You will be able to see the city in color and monochrome lithographs of contemporaries and coevals, the Society of St. Cecilia. He worked in the city's privileged imperial and royal theater, and he also participated in Philomusen concerts. A special part of the exhibition will be devoted to the items from the "Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg", which you can see in Ukraine only during the festival (August 26-29).

Another block of the exhibition is dedicated to contemporary art, which gives a second thought of Franz Xaver figure. Both in music and in general. These are the works of the outstanding Viennese and Ukrainian sculptors and artists. The works are united by the authors' fervent desire to reproduce not only the performer’s, but also the listener’s feelings of music. In what way, music is imposed on the inner dramas and the person’s ups? Either it would deepen pain, or heal it ?

Could it inspire or not? These are the tricky questions that we have to answer. That’s why we kindly ask you to help us in the search for such important answers.