Saturday 21 July

The Potocki Palace
vul. Mykoly Kopernyka, 15


The musicians of the SoloWay Trio have adopted the nightingale, a bird that sings sweetly and cheerfully, as their symbol. The ensemble consists of young performers from Ukraine and Slovenia, studying together in Graz (Austria). Artistic creativity fate is kind to them: they have received a number of awards at the international contests in Austria and Italy, as well as have recorded some pieces for the Austrian radio for three years of the Trio’s existence. At the LvivMozArt Festival, the musicians will perform for the first time.

Peteris Vasks.“Episodi e Canto perpetuo”
Franz Schubert. Nokturn in E flat major, Op. 148 (D 897)
Anton Arensky. Piano trio d minor, Op. 32 №1

Soloists: Olena Misyo (Ukraine), Andrii Ugrak (Ukraine), Ana Kopshe-Lobo (Ukraine-Slovenia)

SoloWay Trio (Ukraine-Slovenia)