Sunday 20 August

The Potocki Palace
vul. Mykoly Kopernyka, 15


Two sisters of German-Colombian origin, the winners of a number of international contests, perform obscure sonatas written by Franz Xaver Mozart. The duets are filled with eagerness to achieve personal happiness, and the violin sounds as if it were a human voice releasing suppressed feelings. The quotations from Franz Xaver Mozart’s diary devoted to his beloved baroness Josephine Baroni von Cavalcabo, as well as projections of works by Mykhailo Demtsiu, a modern Ukrainian artist, will create an intimate atmosphere at the concert.

Exhibition ticket guarantees a free admission to the concert. Exhibition tickets can be purchased at the Lviv Potocki palace booking office.

F.X.Mozart: Sonata in F-major Op.15

F.X.Mozart: Sonata in E-major Op.19

Henryk Wieniawski: Variations on an original theme Op.15


Soloists: Anna Handler, piano (Germany), Laura Handler, violin (Germany)