Saturday 19 August

Dominican Church
pl. Muzeina, 1


Contemporary countertenors, the owners of rare voices, with an accompaniment of the instrumental ensemble are striving to revive the celestial sound of former times. 17th – century pieces and neobaroque compositions will cover the whole gamut of emotions. The echoes of unique glass instruments will fill the Church space.

The most famous pieces by H.Purcell, J.S.Bach, G.F.Hendel, A.Vivaldi, W.A.Mozart, created for rare high-pitched male voices. Listeners will enjoy pieces by modern Lviv composers Bohdan Sehin, Bohdana Frolyak, and Zoltan Almashi. World premiere of a piece by Bohdana Frolyak “Ave Maria”, written specifically for three countertenors, sting instruments and two glass harmonicas.

Soloists: Konstantin Derri, countertenor (Ukraine–Switzerland), Viktor Andriichenko, countertenor (Ukraine–Germany), Stanislav Tsema, countertenor (Ukraine)

Sascha Reckert, glass harmonica / verofon (Germany), Sinfonia di Vetro ensemble (Germany), Baroque Chapel Orchestra of the Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy (Ukraine), Sebastian Reckert, glass harmonica / verofon (Germany)

Manager: Anna Ivanyushenko (Ukraine)

Conductors: Oksana Lyniv (Ukraine-Germany)