Wednesday 18 July

The Potocki Palace
vul. Mykoly Kopernyka, 15


A fascinating story of Franz Xaver Mozart’s life forms the basis for a new popular novel by Bohdan Kolomiichuk entitled ‘Mozart from Lemberg’ (the Staryi Lev Publishing House, 2018). The presentation of the book, which was written in Lviv and Salzburg, the two places closely connected with the composer’s fate, will be held within the framework of the LvivMozArt Festival.

The presentation participants:

Bohdan Kolomiichuk, the author; a Ukrainian writer.

Oksana Lyniv, the author of the preface to the book; a Ukrainian conductor, art-director and LvivMozArt Festival co-founder.

Maryana Savka - the chief editor and co-founder of Staryi Lev Publishing House.

Music content - Victor Andriichenko (violin), Iryna Zarytska (piano).


The novel is set in Vienna, Galicia and Bavaria in the first half of the 19th century. Franz Xaver Mozart, the younger son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is the main character of the book. Although he inherits musical talent, Franz Xaver fails to reach his father’s great fame. Nevertheless, his life is full of passion, intrigues and adventures. And his fate is closely linked to Lviv, former Lemberg.