Wednesday 07 August

Near the Cathedral
vul. Teatralna, 7


Street performance «Once in the City»

Interactive performance «Once in the City» will be happening on a city streets. 

Animals find themselves in town, they are lost and vulnerable, and they need help. They want to understand where they are, but they are naive and defenseless and humans can do whatever it pleases them to do. Animals are gratuitous on the city streets, because the city is intended for people, and animals must live outside in nature.

«Every one of us wants to be understood, wants to be heard. In a city, among people, we’re running into our personal world of illusions, wishing to hide from the others somewhere peaceful, where there’s someone who understands you; somewhere you’re free to do whatever you like.»

The Project aims to make mankind understand the worlds of animals and people better.  Mission is to tell the child and adult that each of us is not alone, that everyone is surrounded by the world of nature, and that the human is a unique part of something bigger. That if it feels lonely, there are friends and family, games and help to the others — people or animals.


Peli can live — Charity foundation that implements ambitious projects for our planet!

Peli can live — a team of like-minded professionals that support nature.

Peli can live — charity foundation that works in all ecological fields. It works for flora and fauna, for children and adults, for Ukraine and the whole planet, for our-days and tomorrow. The team of the foundation is ready for brave, challenging and extraordinary projects. 


Director — Kristina Lyulchenko (Ukraine), theater and film director.

Performance Designer — Nurcan Cevik (Turkey), visual artist.

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