Thursday 19 July

Lem Station
crossing of vul. D.Vitovskoho, Ak. Sakharova, Heroiv Maidanu


To outsiders from the West, Lviv is often perceived through the lense of the past 150 years. Its history, culture, arts and literature formed the basis of the so-called “Lemberg Myth”, the place where plenty of peoples coexisted peacefully, leading to the extraordinary development of culture. However, simultaneously, the ‘Lemberg Myth’ contains stories about brutal crimes and dreadful exterminations.
The concert will include a video installation derived from the sketches of renowned Austrian contemporary artist Wolfgang Werdigier made during Social Dreaming Workshop. The visuals will reproduce the various historical periods of Lviv, focusing on the lives of its ethnic groups under the ever-changing elites and rulers. Readers and students of the "International Summer Academy of Fine Art and Media, Venice" will be participating in the performance.

DRESS CODE: Cocktail

A visual and musical programme.

Installations: Wolfgang Werdigier (Austria)