Friday 27 August
Through silence to the light

The invitation to silence.

Only in it can you learn the truths and only in silence the most important answers can be found.


The concert of the vocal male quintet P&P is an invitation to musical silence. It is a unique evening which will fill you up with tranquility. The combination of exclusively male voices has a sacred character since the ancient times. Not many modern bands are in search of the sound colors and experiments in the repertoire. The concert program is like an attempt to portray the silence which is  hidden in the variety of musical forms and styles. The sacred music will be played, as well as the works by contemporary composers.


P&P is comprised of 5 exuberant male voices:

 1. Maksym Salnikov - tenor

 2. Igor Znetyniak - tenor

 3. Volodymyr Punko - tenor

 4. Vasyl Gnipiuk - baritone

 5. Matviy Melnyk - bass




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