Saturday 28 August
Ark "Ukraine": Music


This concert will be a modern musical business card of Ukraine!  The closing ceremony concert of the fifth season of the LvivMozArt festival will feature a unique program-treasury of Ukrainian culture, embedded in the project Ark "Ukraine": music.

If only could you imagine that all of a sudden everything disappears, the human civilization, but in many millennia the world will have a chance to discover the Ukrainian culture, thanking to the treasures which we have loaded on the Ark (Kovcheh) “Ukraine”. Under the guidance ofthe classical stage brilliant-  Oksana Lyniv, together with the best Ukrainian ethno-performers and academic performers : DakhaBrakha, Khoreya Kozatska, Domenica Chekun, Oksana Nikitiuk, Ulyana Horbachevska, Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine and men's choir "Dudaryk”‘and others.


“This project was born out of pain, fear and great love. The fear - because we are losing ourselves, losing our unique microcosm. As to me, Kovcheh “Ukraine” is a self-preservation instinct. Moreover, it’s the eternal self-discovery, which takes its roots since the times of Ancient Greek. To be more precise, from the Apollo temple in Delhi. We still don’t know our true selves, that’s why we have a difficulty with self love. How can we love that , what we don’t know? It’s a question… That’s why we want to ask Ukrainians to make a try and to rediscover their own country. It will be a fantastic adventure, like having a look into an old treasure chest. Penetrating deeply into ourselves in order to examine each corner thoroughly…and finally to fall in love…with ourselves!” – said Yaryna Vynnytska, the initiator and the creative producer of the project.


“Through all my conscious life I had a feeling that we are missing out on so many important things, while our art isn’t becoming a brand. The brand which will represent us, our mentality around the globe. That is the aim of The Kovcheh creation. I highly buy in to the role of this project for the Ukrainian cultural diplomacy success. If we want to live in a new, humane, multicultural world we need so much to learn about ourselves! Only that way can we harmoniously join the world’s polyphony.” – said Oksana Lyniv, the chief conductor and co-author of the concert.