Wednesday 18 July

Citadel Inn
vul. Hrabovskoho, 11


At present, Yaroslav Molochnyk, who is a virtuoso pianist from Lviv, is 16 years old. Most of his life he devoted to music, and in this area he is rising to the top: the study at the Carl Maria von Weber High School of Music in Dresden; awards ar international contests in Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Italy and Spain; solo concerts with his own pieces. Yaroslav started to compose music when he was 6 years old, and he has written several dozens of compositions since that time. At the LvivMozArt festival, we will continue to acquaint you with contemporary young virtuosos (as well as their creations), who are going to shape the future of Ukrainian music history.

Yaroslav Molochnyk, piano, composer (Ukraine-Germany), Yulia Syrvatka, violin (Ukraine)