Wednesday 07 August
”Crossings” – Concert-presentation of new program by Abraham Brody & Group (USA-Lithuania)

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First time in Ukraine - Abraham Brody, artist who works with Maryna Abramovych, participant of the most prestigious festivals in the world and author of unique style of instrumental performance! New York Public Radio named him a “Top 10 Artist” of 2017. Together with a collective of famous Lithuanian experimental musicians Abraham Brody will share novelties from album ”Crossings' ”, recorded in studio Greenhouse in Iceland. Artist combines in his oeuvre classical sounding with using electronic effects and folklore, this makes his music simultaneously futuristic and strongly connected with ancient world of Baltic traditions.

Music by Abraham Brody plunges us into state when everyone can look into his or her depth. It’s meditation and confession which prompts frankness and sincerity, puts us face to face one on one. Abraham Brody’s musical performance impresses everyone with a special atmosphere, unique combination of string, electronic and percussion instruments, installations and voice.



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DRESS CODE: Cocktail

performance: Abraham Brody (USA-Lithuania)

Drums: Augustas Baronas (Lithuania)

Violin: Lora Kmieliauskaitė (Lithuania)

Cello: Arnas Kmieliauskas (Lithuania)