Tuesday 22 August

Lem Station
crossing of vul. D.Vitovskoho, Ak. Sakharova, Heroiv Maidanu


Ukraine and personalities, past and present, national and international context.
Discussion, installation, performance, workshop, classical and modern opera.  Pieces from music by W.A.Mozart for “Thamos, King of Egypt” play and vocal pieces from "Amazons" by Josèf Elsner (a rarity by a contemporary of Mozart living in Lviv) will be a prologue to the main piece of the program - extracts from Hauke Berheide's opera “Mauerschau”. The opera, composed by the German composer and written by the American librettist Amy Stebbins, was commissioned by the Bavarian State Opera House for Munich Opera Festival held in 2016. Desperate Amazons, liberation struggle, manipulation of historical facts, events unfolding in the modern Crimea, love and myths - everything is closely intertwined in this topical-for-Ukraine work.

A famous Ukrainian artist Roman Mykhailov will reconsider the space of an old depot. Under impression from a new opera an artist will create a large-scale project – thoughts about traumatic experience that leaves its trace on human body and on a society. Installation project coordinator – Darya Koltsova.

Supported by:

Bavarian State Opera

German Embassy in Ukraine

Zenko Foundation


DRESS CODE: Cocktail

Soloists: Tetiana Chaika (Ukraine) - Penthesilea, Queen of the Amazons, Nataliya Rybka-Parkhomenko (Ukraine) - Envoy, Zoya Rozhok (Ukraine) - Penthesilea's High Shadow, Ivanna Lesyk-Sadivska (Ukraine) - Penthesilea's Low Shadow, Vadym Chernihivskyy (Ukraine) - Achilles, Ihor Radvanskyy (Ukraine) - Achilles' High Shadow, Andriy Stetskyy (Ukraine) - Achilles' Low Shadow

Hauke Berheide (—Āomposer, Germany), Amy Stebbins (librettist, the USA), The LvivMozArt Festival Orchestra (Ukraine), LvivMozArt choir (Ukraine)

Conductors: Oksana Lyniv (Ukraine-Germany), Serhiy Khorovets (Ukraine)

Director: Andriy Vodychev (Ukraine)

Choreography: Maria Bakaly (Ukraine), Contemporary Dance Space Lviv (Ukraine)

Choirmaster: Roman Rybak (Ukraine)

Concertmaster: Iryna Zarytska (Ukraine)

Costumes: Oksana Karavanska (Ukraine)

Scenography: Volodymyr Stetskovych (Ukraine)

Installations: Roman Mykhaylov (Ukraine) - author, Darya Koltsova (Ukraine) - curator, supported by Zenko Foundation, Festival Art-Partner

Idea and implementation: Oksana Lyniv (Ukraine-Germany)